Create a persona to have laser-like focus for your website

how to create a personaKnowing how to create a persona is not something you learn how to do on a farm.

That’s why I want to help you develop one for your website, so you can have laser-like focus for your website.

I want you to succeed with your website, and I want to give you the tools to do so.

Let’s jump into it.

What is a persona?

A persona is basically a character you create for the people you are trying to reach with your website.

Here is a definition of persona:

Wikipedia describes a persona as: “A persona, in the word’s everyday usage, is a social role or a character played by an actor.”

Why do I need a persona

You should have a persona for your website because it allows you to gear all of your information towards that person.

For example, if my website were geared towards farmers between the ages of 35-44 who use precision farming on their 10,000 acre farm, I would definitely have a different point of view from a small family farmer.

Think about that.

How does a persona help me?

The whole look and feel of your website is for your persona. That means that they should feel right at home when they come to your website. The information you present them is right up their alley.

Copyblogger recently wrote about how to create content that resonates with your readers as a way to create harmony. You need to create harmony with your blog, and a persona helps you to do that.

That is basically what you’re trying to do by creating a persona. You’re trying to create content that resonates with your persona.

What that leads to is better conversions, better sales, and better connections.

Who doesn’t want better business?

How to create a persona

Here are three easy steps to create a persona:

  1. Think about your ideal customer.
  2. Create a back story of your ideal customer. Who they are.
  3. Give your persona a name, face and age.

If you complete those steps, you should have a good idea who your user persona is.

Here are a few great resources about how to create a persona

Examples of persona


And another example

examples of persona

Images credited to

What happens if you don’t create a persona?

If you don’t have a persona for your website, you won’t have direction.

You really need to niche down to your target audience to get the best results.

For example, John Suscovich over at Farm Marketing Solutions used his target audience to identify businesses to connect with. He went directly to business where he knew were targeting the same audience, and he suggested working together towards the same goal.

If you don’t have that type of focus through your persona, you may not have the impact you’re looking for.


Having said all that. I want to issue a challenge.

I’d like you to create a persona for your website and share it with us in the comments.

First person to write comments with their persona, I will do a website review for FREE.

Final thoughts

Having a persona for your website is an important part of starting a website. It gives you guidance when you write your posts and design your website.

Not having a persona leaves you without direction.



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  1. Iain, very useful insights and resources to remind me that I should continue and refine my persona. I did work on an avatar when I started my blog three months ago, but have not re-looked at it since… Here it comes:

    “Christine is a 35-40 years old career women, who has recently returned back to work after a one-year maternity leave to be with the two young kids, a three old boy and a thirteen month-old girl.

    Before taking the leave, she had a prospering role as a Senior Manager in Procurement. She speaks English and French fluently. Based on her hard work, dedication and team spirit to collaborate with the colleagues in different countries (traveling back and forth between UK, France, Germany, Spain, Poland and the US), she was close to being promoted before she left. She had the privilege to participate at several workshop and training to work on her communication and leading style. Through these training, she got more and more interested in improving her way of managing and leading in her business, but also private life.

    Now, she is back on her old role, as the promising position had been filled in the meanwhile and a new superior has arrived who would like to get to know her better.

    Despite having the partner and parents’ support to look after the kids, her need for prioritization and more work-life balance is growing – the days are just too short to do everything and she realizes that. She is fond of learning new things, so when she commutes to work every day, she listens to different podcasts on a variety of topics, lifestyle, personal development, sailing, book reviews, gardening… She at night when her husband is in bed or has fallen asleep on the couch, she usually reads articles and blog posts in the internet to help her through (a) every day situations: how to be more productive, looking for new learning and training platforms, be positive, stay focused, hands-on advice to implement the next day. and moreover (b) she knows that she still has some open topics to deal with when she completed her last training, she even wrote down a list of actions to do, and promised to buddy up with someone, but just has not gotten around to working on those.”

    Hope this is not too long, what do you think? What is missing?

    • Iain Robson says:

      Amazing persona.

      You aren\’t missing anything. I don\’t know how you could have made your persona any clearer.

      Also, you win the free website review. Congratulations.

      The real question is, do you write your content for that person?

      That is the hardest part of having persona at times.

      You need to make sure what your writing aligns with who your persona is.

      Great job

      • Yeah! I am glad you like it! I guess I will keep working on it as the time evolves.

        And to answer your question, I try to picture her reading/consuming my content, but I have to admit, sometimes it is working better than other times. I keep on trying!

  2. Miraflor says:

    I really need to imprint the title of your post in my mind. I can also do it like this,” my persona to have a clear focus on what my website is all about”.

    I would like to build my website so that people can achieve a “learned decision” if they’re seeking information, such as:
    1. Devices or equipment s to use
    2. How and what type of modifications to be done in their homes and vehicle to make it accessible for them?
    3. What are the questions to ask to contractors or vendors when people with disabilities buy products or equipments or have to build ramps or accessible bathrooms?
    4. How apply to funding agencies?
    5. About finances including opportunities for maximum tax return and the new Registered Disability Savings Plan.
    6, and so much more about living with disability topics

    My difficulty is the presentation, optimization, analytics, etc.. that you guys are always talking in your posts or in the discussion. But I already decided not to kill myself BUT not also to give up. I know I have a lot to share that might be of value to other disabled and their caregivers, even questions like do you need a rear entry, or side entry conversion of your van? And why?

    So I’m reminding myself always stay focus, keep doing something even small things to better my website and to keep up with writing.

    I’m actually trying to take note of what you recommended in my last post. I tried to break it down into shorter paragraph but I will lost a lot because I’m not just talking in there about scooters abut also power wheelchairs.

    So I decided to implement the suggestions next posts. Reading through your and others from the group is really informative and valuable to me.

    Thanks a lot

    • Iain Robson says:

      Breaking things down into bit sized pieces will make a huge difference It makes things easier to digest as well as easier to follow along.

      In terms of your persona, I like the direction you are heading in, but try taking the points you outlined and put them into a persona.

      You have outlined some key points that your persona will have, but you need to take it a step further and add a person to those points.

      For example, Gill is someone who is still new to being disabled and is unsure what type of equipment she can get. Gill needs help from someone, but doesn’t know where to look yet.

      Gill is unsure about what she will have to do to her house in order to make it accessible.

      That gives you an idea what I’m talking about.

      If you need some more help, don’t be afraid to ask.

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