Ohh shiny.. right..goal setting

goal setting

You have to look away from the shiny object when you’re thinking about setting goals.

Goal setting is a very important part of building your business. I know I’ve had trouble setting goals in the past.

I recently watched a webinar by Shane Melaugh. In the webinar he talked about productivity primarily. However, there was one particular point that he made in the webinar that really stood out to me.

Shane mentioned about how important goal setting is. We all set goals; we write them down or keep them in our head. The problem is that the goals we set aren’t necessarily the best goals. We don’t control the success of the goal.

Goal setting the right way

Shane said that we must make the goal controllable.

What I mean is when you make a goal don’t make it something like make $100 because that is something that’s not in your control.

You should make a goal that you can control:

  • Make one website.
  • Write one article.
  • Make one video.

Because your goal is in your control it becomes easier to succeed. And when you cross that goal off your list you’ll feel good.

Also, you’re making steps towards your ultimate goal, which is the reason behind the goals.

Another way you can make goals is via the SMART goal method.

SMART goals:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Trackable

It’s a similar concept, but I like the way Shane put it a lot better.

He said. “it is like working out. You can’t go from lifting 10lbs to moving 500lbs in one day. You have to make small improvements to get there”

That’s paraphrasing but it’s the essence of what he said.

Oh hey..Shiny objects

Shane brought up how people get distracted by shiny objects which conflicts with our goals.

I know I’ve been the victim of this before as well, and I know it’s sometimes difficult to look away from the shiny object. But you must look away if you want to achieve your final goal.

So next time you see a shiny object, acknowledge the object, consider whether it aligns with your final goal and if it does go for if not, disregard it.

Final thoughts

Saying this is all fine and dandy but when it comes to actually doing it, that’s when the hard part actually starts.

Set your goals. Make them controllable. Otherwise you’re doing yourself a disservice.


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