MYF Approved July 5: productivity, traffic generation and work-life balance

MYF approved  July 5

This week we talk about productivity, traffic generation and balancing work and life.

Every week I find some great articles that you will help you with your business. Whether it’s productivity or driving traffic to your website, MYF Approved helps you build your business.

Let’s jump into it.

When Time Flies – How to Boost Productivity while LOWERING Stress

  • We all could be more productive. I know I could be. I actually recently installed a Chrome extension that locks out sites that I have specified during certain times of the day to keep me on track. This post takes it a step further and encourages you to make a mindset change.  It outlines some productivity hacks. Very cool stuff.

7 Fatal Mistakes Freelancer Writers Make (That Have Nothing to Do With Writing)

  • I don’t consider myself a freelance writer, but I do write a lot, so this resonated with me. You can relate it to any business. 

16 Examples of Totally Ridiculous 4th of July Stock Photography

  • This just made me laugh. Hubspot does a great job with their off the cuff stuff.

7 Ways to Drive Traffic from Popular Blogs

  • Ana from Traffic Generation Cafe wrote this one a week or so ago. I mean who doesn’t want more traffic to their website.  Traffic is the lifeblood of your website.  Ana gives you some fantastic tips on getting more website traffic.

7 Tips for Balancing Your Personal Life and Running a Small Business

  • Ophelie Lechat over on the Flippa blog wrote this one about the balancing act we do. As farmers, you constantly have to balance work and life. It’s hard because you live on the farm.

The Two Most Powerful Words in the World of Content Marketing Right Now

  • Marcus Sheridan wrote this one about the two most powerful words. These two words can help you answer questions about your farm and maybe take you to the next level.

Final thoughts

This week I brought you some productivity, traffic generation, and life balancing hacks.

My favourite this week was the productivity hacks.  As I said, it’s something I am working at the moment, so it resonated well.

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