MYF Approved weekly Aug 6: Clear value proposition, adding value, and the balance of marketing

MYF ApprovedThe MYF Approved series is a weekly post to help you find great content to read and then take action on.

Every week I comb through hundreds of articles and find some of the best.

Also, as a new addition to make this content more valuable, I will give a key takeaway from each article and an action tip.

The Balance of marketing

Christopher Penn starts off this piece with a quote which reads, “Sensei, how is it that you are never out of balance?” and the reply of, “I am constantly out of balance. You never see it because I am constantly correcting it.”

Find out how he uses this powerful lesson in his marketing efforts.

Key takeaway: You can never be perfectly balanced in marketing or in business.

Action tip: Embrace one change today and your business will progress.

Eight Things to Consider When You Create Calls-to-Action in Your Content

Gini Dietrich gets into the thick of things with what you want people to do after they read your content.

Key takeaway: Every call to action doesn’t need to be, “buy this”. Also, they don’t all need to involve money.

Action tip: Create a call to action on your website.

The Ultimate Guide to Dropshipping

Dropshipping is something I have thought about lately. I was thinking of using it for one of my other website, but I wasn’t sure if it was right for me. So I did some research. I think the whole information junkie thing played a role here.

It’s a fantastic read. If you’re considering dropshipping at all, I highly recommend it.

Key takeaway: While dropshipping is effective, it takes work to create a successful business from it.

Action tip: Try something you have thought about and learn from it.

Example of a Clear, Strong Value Proposition (architect)

Here Peter Sandeen talks with one of his clients and helps you understand how the coaching sessions work.

Key takeaway: Having a strong value proposition can catapult your business in the right direction.

Action tip: Find out what your value proposition is here.

Adding value to your readers

Here we talk about how you can add value to your readers, and you will see some examples as well.

Key takeaway: You can add value in many ways both online and off.

Action tip: Go back to one of your posts and add more value to it.

Final thoughts

What do you think about this style of MYF Approved. Let me know what you think. Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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